This Week in KDE, Part 4 : Mouse KCM, Bug Fixes!

Cheap talk

New Mouse KCM is available! Now, there are bugs to fix in my schedule so I’ll more focuse on bug fixes then new features for sometime.

New Mouse KCM:

Show me the code

1. Mouse KCM redesing is published. The link is here.
2. Touchpad KCM QtQuickControls2 Conversion is published. The link is here.
3. Mouse KCM Pointer Speed Slider Improvement is published. The link is here. Also this patch fixes the Bug 395681.
4. Same thing done for Mouse KCM should be done also for Touchpad KCM. Patch is coming. The link is here.


Many BUGs to fix! My todolist (tofixlist 🙂 ) is as following:

1. Bug 387153 (libinput-touchpad-kcm-on-x11)
libinput-backend touchpad KCM only used on Wayland

2. Bug 387156 (libinput-touchpad-kcm-click-method)
libinput touchpad KCM lacks support for click method (“areas” or “fingers”) for buttonless touchpads

3. Bug 392709 (libinput-touchpad-kcm-horiz-scroll)
Option to disable horizontal scrolling with Libinput touchpad interface

4. Bug 395348 (Libinput backend)
enable/disable touchpad setting is gray out and unavailable since plasma 5.13

5. Bug 395351
Touchpad settings are disabled in Wayland

6. Bug 395401 (evdev)
Mouse settings are not loaded up at login

7. Bug 395404
“Press left and right buttons for middle click” setting is not remembered under Wayland

Hope to see you next week! 🙂

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